Even the best communicators can use extra editorial bench strength now and then. With that in mind, I’d like you to imagine what we can achieve together - you at your base, me from my home office or in person as needed. For your needs I can offer:

  •  Road-tested, thoughtful editing for optimal clarity, flow and impact

  •  Brainstorming toward creative approaches to aural storytelling

  •  Collaboration on compelling, memorable series, podcasts, specials and features

  •  Polishing good work to an award-worthy sheen

  • Coaching in story and source development, scriptwriting, interviewing and vocal delivery

  • Confidential, effective strategizing on newsroom leadership

  • Knowledge of the public radio system at the station, program and network levels

  • Seasoned expertise to cover temporary gaps in your staffing 

I’m available for full and part-time contract work as an editor and story strategist. Audio is my primary storytelling medium; I’m also fluent in print. 

Teaching – and listening – are essential to good editing. So I devote a lot of time to sharing skills and knowledge with seasoned journalists, students and independent producers.  

As an editor, I help storytellers find and use their most powerful voices. I’d like to help you. In person or remotely I’m comfortable with large groups, small workshop settings and one-to-one coaching.  

Please refer to the “Props” section of my website for testimonials, and get in touch at crdevall@gmail.com if you’re interested in having me work/speak with your class, newsroom or organization.